Menorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map (Tour & Trail Super-Durable Maps)

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Menorca Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map 6th edition covers this beautiful island at a scale of 1:40,000 resulting in the most detailed and toughest map of Menorca that you can buy. Getting such a large island as Menorca onto one map sheet at 1:40,000 scale means that we have had to split the island into an East section on one side and a West section on the other side, with a generous overlap between the sections. At 1:40,000 scale, the level of detail we can include on the map is awesome compared to any other map of the island that you can buy. Building on our best-selling 5th edition, we have added a comprehensive search of named archaeological sites, a new style font for place names, along with our usual updating of roads and roundabouts. Our biggest upgrades are for everyone using the Cami de Cavalls and Walk! Menorca walking trails. Here we have a new design style making these adventures easier to find on the map and easier to follow on the ground.The result is the definitive map of Menorca.Super-Durable maps are produced on a special ‘fully recyclable’ polymer substrate (Polyart) using 100% oxygenation inks which results in a map that is virtually tear proof, water proof, baby proof, almost dog proof. Our special ‘concertina map fold’ means that the map opens easily, and more importantly, folds up easily to pocket size after your adventures. Super-Durable means that this map will outlast any paper map many times over. Digital editions are available from Discovery Walking Guides for Garmin users and from Viewranger and MyTrails for use with their apps.


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